Bitcoin is Flashing Signs of Weakness as It Trades Below Crucial Level

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After another failed breakout attempt, Bitcoin is once again hovering just above its crucial $9,200 support The entire crypto market is currently expressing some signs of weakness This weakness may be rooted in BTC’s decline beneath what one analyst is describing as a crucial level He notes that a daily close beneath $9,230 would make a compelling case that further downside is imminent This comes as multiple technical indicators all point to an imminent surge in the cryptocurrency’s volatility Bitcoin and the entire crypto market appear to be on somewhat shaky ground at the present moment. After attempting to break out of its trading range between $9,000 and $9,300, Bitcoin faced yet another rejection at just below $9,400 that caused it to see some notable downside. This rejection is a sign that its buyers are plagued by underlying weakness and may signal that they will be unable to catalyze any…

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