Bitcoin Investors More Bullish Than Ever as IMF Call For “New Bretton Woods”

Bitcoin’s price has stagnated over recent weeks in a tight range. Despite this price action, the fundamentals for the cryptocurrency are rapidly strengthening. Investors in Bitcoin got a boost just recently when the International Monetary Fund called for a new Bretton Woods moment. Bretton Woods was the agreement in 1944 that integrated the gold standard and implemented a monetary world order. Analysts think that this call for “another” Bretton Woods moment will boost Bitcoin. The details about this announcement were vague but some see it as a sign of more fiscal stimulus. Bitcoin Bulls Roar Amid Call for “New Bretton Woods” Moment While Bitcoin is a new technology and asset on a macro scale, many of its investors harken back to historical monetary and economic events to explain why it’s relevant. One such event is the Bretton Woods standard that pegged the top world currencies to the dollar, which in…

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