Bitcoin Holding Above $9,300 Has Opened the Gates for a Rally to $10,000

For the first time in weeks, Bitcoin has been able to hold on to the gains that it captured as a result of yesterday’s upswing Previously, the cryptocurrency’s moves towards $9,400 have been followed by sharp retraces It appears that BTC is growing more bullish by the day, as it is now establishing $9,300 as a fresh base of support This has led one analyst to note that a move up towards $10,000 could be imminent in the coming days Bitcoin appears to be stronger than many analysts previously thought it to be, as its tight trading range between $9,100 and $9,300 resolved in bull’s favor. It is important to note that the continued defense of $9,300 following the recent move up does signal that buyers are building strength. As such, one analyst is now noting that a continued defense of this level could open the gates for the cryptocurrency…

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