Bitcoin HODLing Behavior Hits 3-Year High; Another Bullish Sign

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A large number of investors have stopped trading Bitcoin. Instead, they are following the classic buy-and-hold strategy. Data fetched by Glassnode showed that about 8 million Bitcoin tokens have not moved in at least three years. That makes up 44 percent of the total cryptocurrency supply, a level–as Glassnode noted–one has not seen in over three years. Bitcoin supply that has not moved in the last two or more years. Source: Glassnode The so-called “HODling sentiment” started gaining momentum in the late 2019s. Back then, the price of Bitcoin had fallen to as low as $6,430 from the year-to-date high near $14,000. Traders bought the dips in anticipation of securing both short- and long-term profits. The BTC/USD exchange rate was on a steady rise after December 2019. The pair entered 2020 with blasting gains as bids for Bitcoin increased against the then-escalating US-Iran tensions. As of February 13, the cryptocurrency…

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