Bitcoin Goes Nuclear? Engineering Firm Nuclearis to Use RSK-based Solution in Supply Chain Tracking

RSK, the smart contract platform developed on Bitcoin and secured by its mining, is now being used to track documentation relating to a nuclear power plant. Nuclearis, a nuclear engineering and manufacturing firm, has confirmed it has successfully deployed a solution to upload and authenticate documents with the first of its suppliers. The solution has been built developed by Nuclearis with the advisory of IOVlabs, the company operating RSK and its Infrastructure Framework (RIF). Due to the far-reaching health and safety considerations, nuclear power plants are subjected to strict requirements by international authorities. Constructing and maintaining a nuclear plant involves sourcing millions of essential parts from suppliers across the globe. According to law, the life cycle of each and every part must be documented in hard paper copies for traceability in case of an incident. Unfortunately, these requirements aren’t foolproof, as demonstrated in a 2016 forgery case involving the French…

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