Bitcoin Gains Steam With U.S. Politicians, Will It Become A National Movement?

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Politicians in the United States seem to be embracing Bitcoin. In the last two weeks, various states across the U.S. territory have pushed regulations, resolutions, and statements that acknowledge BTC as an asset on the path to gain broader adoption. House of Representatives of the Legislature of Louisiana published Resolution No. 33 to congratulate Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry on their accomplishments. The document claims Bitcoin has the potential to replace gold as a store of value. BTC’s features, decentralization, limited supply, Proof-of-Work consensus, have made the cryptocurrency a “critical tool for businesses”. Also, the resolution claims BTC could be a hedge against inflation and currency debasement for “citizens around the world”. The institution said the following: To commend Bitcoin for its success in becoming the first decentralized trillion dollar asset and to encourage the state and local governments to consider ways that could help them benefit from the increased…

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