Bitcoin Futures Activity Dictating Market Direction as Price Surpasses $12,000

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It has been another day of gains on crypto markets and yet again bitcoin price is surging. Just like yesterday, traders in Asia are dictating movements as BTC shot past $12,000 a couple of hours ago. Asian Trading Moving Bitcoin A virtually identical shift in price action has happened again in Asia as bitcoin lifted above the $12k milestone. After spending most of the day trading around $11,700, with very little momentum coming from US trading hours, BTC started to lift again. As this is being written it is hitting a new high for almost a month of $12,300 according to Tradingview. BTC price 1-hour chart – The chart clearly shows the minor fractal that happened the same time yesterday when it was suggested that Chinese buyers were loading up on bitcoin as their currency dropped to a ten year low against the US dollar. The pump has added…

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