Bitcoin Funds From the Bitfinex Hack in 2016 Moving: Are Hackers Selling?

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Bitcoin funds stolen from the crypto exchange BitFinex in 2016 moved to an unknown address, reported transaction tracker Whale Alert. The said money transmission raised speculation of hackers dumping a portion of their 120,000 bitcoin steal after the cryptocurrency’s recent price rally. Hackers last moved part of the appropriated sum in June 2019 when bitcoin was sitting atop 63 percent YTD returns. Crypto exchange BitFinex lost nearly 120,000 BTC to a hacking incident in August 2016. Back then, the cost of one bitcoin was just about $600, equivalent to about $72 million. But based on the current BTC/USD exchange rates, the BitFinex steal has ballooned to nearly $1.07 billion. So for the hackers behind the massive theft, it appears like the right time to sell the stolen funds. And they seem to have been making the eerie call. Popular transaction tracker Whale Alert alarmed via a tweet published early Friday…

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