Bitcoin Faces “Aggressive Selling” as Bulls Try to Shatter $11,200 Resistance

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Bitcoin’s price has rallied throughout the past few days, with buyers’ ardent defense of the lower-$10,000 region catalyzing some serious momentum This momentum led the cryptocurrency as high as $11,200 earlier this morning before it faced a swift rejection The price region between $11,000 and $11,300 has long been a strong area of resistance for the cryptocurrency Some analysts and investors are noting that the aggressive selling pressure here could make it difficult for BTC to rally any higher in the near-term If it fails to push higher, this selling pressure may erode bulls’ strength and spark a sharp downside move Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market have lacked clear directionality as of late. Although BTC has rebounded off of its recent lows and is showing some signs of strength, the resistance just above its current price level is proving to be difficult to surmount. How it continues responding to…

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