Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Major Cryptos Fall as Dollar Finally Reverses

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, gold, stocks, and nearly every other asset on the planet trades against the almighty dollar. Its role as the global reserve currency is an exhausting one, often showing moments of weakness when times get tough. In the end, cash always shows why it remains king, and crushes other assets when it finally does reverse. And that is exactly what is playing out across markets right now, prompting investors to cash out quickly back into the dollar. The trend may only just be beginning, but its already dealt a crushing blow to major crypto assets, precious metals, and even stocks are starting to respond. What happens next when the dollar fully recovers? Dollar’s Decline Comes To Conclusion, Rebound Crushes Crypto, Stocks, and Metals Everyone loves to hate the dollar because the dollar has long been on top. Compared to the rest of the market, Bitcoin and crypto is the…

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