Bitcoin Enters Multi-Year Trading Range as Mixed Signals Flash

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Bitcoin has stabilized above $6,800 after its recent dip below $7,000 It has now entered what appears to be a historic trading range that has been developed over many years Analysts are noting that the crypto is now sending mixed signals with regards to where it might trend next In the time following Bitcoin’s intense decline below $7,000 yesterday, the benchmark cryptocurrency has since been able to stabilize above its near-term support at $6,800. It now appears that all of this recent trading simple marks BTC being firmly rangebound, as the cryptocurrency has been establishing a relatively tight trading range throughout the past couple of years, with all movements above and below this range proving to be short-lived. This comes as analysts note that Bitcoin is flashing some mixed signals that are making it increasingly unclear as to which direction it may trend next. Bitcoin Stabilizes Above Key Near-Term Support…

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