Bitcoin Dominance Just Printed a Massive Buy Sign After Altcoin Rally

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There’s been what some analysts call an “altseason” over recent weeks as Bitcoin has stalled. Due to the outperformance of altcoins against BTC, the Bitcoin dominance metric has dropped by a handful of percentage points over recent weeks. A textbook buying indicator just flashed for the metric that may support a rally in Bitcoin against altcoins. As Bitcoin has stalled over the past few weeks, altcoins have had a chance to outperform. Per previous reports from Bitcoinist, names like Cardano and Chainlink have literally gained over 100% in recent weeks while BTC has effectively flatlined in a 5% range. Due to the strength of the move in the altcoin market, some have been quick to say that there will be a multi-month altseason where Bitcoin falls behind its crypto ilk. As one commentator recently said: “Critical level here: high from late 2018-mid 2019, now acting as the bottom for 2020.…

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