Bitcoin Dominance Drops to 8-Month Low, Is Altseason Finally Here?

15 Feb 2 640x400

Bitcoin has started to consolidate just above the $10k mark but altcoins are still climbing which has pushed BTC dominance to an eight-month low. Has the alt season finally arrived? Bitcoin Dominance Down 11% Since the beginning of this year, the BTC market share has declined by almost 11%. By the end of last year it had topped 70% but today it has dropped to 62.5% according to This is the lowest it has been since early July 2019. BTC Dominance 1 year – Bitcoin itself has made around 44% this year in a climb from just under $7,200 to top out at $10,500 a couple of days ago. These gains are impressive when compared to any other asset such as gold which has only managed just over 4% in the same period. However, in the world of cryptocurrencies, these gains have been eclipsed by some of the…

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