Bitcoin Could Surge Towards $20,000 by End of 2021: Market Cycle Analysis


Bitcoin is trading at $11,800 as of this article’s writing after a strong rejection at $12,000. The leading cryptocurrency is poised to move even higher in the months ahead according to a recent analysis. The analysis suggests that BTC is at the point in its cycles where it sees a large leg higher. The trader that shared this analysis suggests that Bitcoin will hit $20,000 in 2020. This sentiment isn’t unfounded, with many others in the industry arguing that Bitcoin will hit its previous all-time high in this year, or at least by early 2021. With altcoins rallying, this is likely to take place. This Market Cycle Analysis Predicts a $20,000 Bitcoin Price… Soon A market cycle analysis by one crypto trader suggests that Bitcoin will hit $20,000 in the coming months, likely by the end of 2020. The charts show that per historical market cycles, BTC is at the…

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