Bitcoin Could Be Mirroring This Extremely Bullish Gold Fractal from the 1970s

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Bitcoin is currently caught within a strong upswing following its recent selloff Bulls are pushing the crypto towards $18,000 as they move to erase its recent losses Where it trends next will depend largely on how sustainable this ongoing move higher is One investor is now noting that a gold fractal from the 1970s seems to indicate that this selloff could be followed by a powerful push higher in the days and weeks ahead Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market are currently caught within a strong uptrend that has come about just a day after the cryptocurrency witnessed a massive inflow of selling pressure that caused it to erase a good portion of its recent gains. Where it trends next will likely depend largely on whether or not buyers can push it back above $18,000. Reclaiming this level could provide a strong new support base to grow upon. It could…

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