Bitcoin Continues Plowing Higher as Uptrend Shows Few Signs of Slowing

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Bitcoin has been pushing higher throughout the past few days and weeks, with sellers being wholly unable to gain any ground against bulls This comes as BTC pushes past $19,000, which has long been a strong resistance level that has sparked multiple fleeting selloffs Now that it is firmly above this level, it may be well-positioned to see significantly further upwards momentum in the near-term One analyst is noting that its failure to break below any key support levels throughout the course of its uptrend suggests that further upside is imminent Bitcoin and the entire crypto market are looking strong by the day, with Bitcoin taking full control of the aggregated market’s trend as analysts eye further near-term upside. The selling pressure seen as of late has all been absorbed, with each dip only lasting for a brief amount of time. This trend is common in bull markets and could…

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