Bitcoin Bulls Likely to “Reload” With Dip Towards $13,000, Analysts Say


Bitcoin has undergone a strong drop since the weekend highs of $14,100. After failing to pass that pivotal resistance level, the price of the leading cryptocurrency has dropped to $13,400 as of this article’s writing. At the lows of the past 24 hours, BTC traded for $13,200. Analysts think that the coin could move even lower in the days ahead, analysts say. Bitcoin Could Drop Toward $13,000 as Key Bearish Signal Flashes Commenting on Bitcoin’s medium-term technicals, one analyst shared the chart seen below. It shows Bitcoin has formed bearish divergences and failed to pass the weekly supply region of $14,000. This indicates that the coin could drop toward $13,000, then potentially even lower in the days and weeks ahead, analysts say: “$BTC looks like it needs to reload. Daily SFP into weekly supply, failed break above 2019 high, bear divs flashing on the daily time frame… Bring on the…

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