Bitcoin Bull Market Corrections Examined: What To Expect When Crypto Corrects

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For all intents and purposes, Bitcoin is back in a bull market. But even bull markets don’t always simply move upward in a straight line. Along the way, the road gets rocky, and violent and volatile corrections wipe out weeks of progress made in a matter of one or two. Data shows that past bull market corrections average roughly 37% in downside, according to iconic career commodities trader Peter Brandt. If a similar correction follows the recent rally, here is the potential target for the bottom of what is likely to be a short-lived spike down, along with a look at why the cryptocurrency corrects to such a specific price point in bull markets. Pro Trader Peter Brandt Points To Possible 37% Correction In Bitcoin Based On Past Bull Markets Bitcoin price is up 20% in November 2020 alone. From the early September bottom to the recent high, in less…

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