Bitcoin (BTC) Should Not Mind Altcoins: Ari Paul

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Bitcoin (BTC) supporters should be neutral or even friendly to altcoins, but be very skeptical of hard forks, commented Ari David Paul, co-founder of BlockTower Capital. But what is worrying is hard forks that challenge the mining of the SHA-256 algorithm. Ari Paul, who recently joined Hedera Hashgraph, showed a balanced stance toward altcoins in a recent Twitter thread. The comments fall within the discussion of “Bitcoin maximalists”, which came to the forefront as BTC prices far outpaced the performance of altcoins in 2019 markets. 1/ It makes sense for bitcoiners to be extremely antagonistic to contentious hard forks like 2x which threaten the BTC security model. It makes no sense to be antagonistic to altcoins that use a different PoW algo or other consensus mechanism. — Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul) September 10, 2019 In the final analysis, Paul believes BTC can take over all use cases and technological features proposed…

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