Bitcoin (BTC) Price Breaks Past $9,600 in Late Weekend Rally

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Bitcoin is not giving up and has continued its rally late on Sunday. BTC slid toward $9,126, slowing down a bit after Friday’s explosive climb, which saw prices break the $10,000 barrier for the first time since the crash on September 23. Bitcoin Price Renews Climb to $10,000 Now, BTC is on an ascending path above $9,600, with the potential to regain the $10,000 level on significant trading volumes. Bitcoin saw activity pick up, with volumes above $32 billion in the past day. But Tether (USDT) once again led the show, with more than $40 billion in trading. More than 75% of BTC activity on Sunday was against USDT. USDT volumes picked up on Sunday, with a big printing of 45 million coins in the Tether treasury, and a series of transfers to Bitfinex. Tether whales also moved coins to exchanges. 45,000,000 #USDT (44,952,381 USD) transferred from Tether Treasury to…

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