Bitcoin Becomes 16th World’s Largest Currency, What’s Next?

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Bitcoin is everywhere in 2021, and there isn’t any area of the world of finance that the cryptocurrency hasn’t begun to cut into. The asset’s booming market cap puts it in front of some of the largest publicly-traded companies in the world. The recent rally has also helped the cryptocurrency become the 16th largest world currency overall, trailing directly behind the Russian ruble. Here’s the rest of the remaining currencies Bitcoin has left to leave in its dust as it develops into the greatest currency ever to exist. Unstoppable Bitcoin Rally Rapidly Leapfrogging All Other Market Caps Bitcoin at this point appears to be completely unstoppable, absorbing capital from all other markets, assets, and more. Throughout 2020, the asset stole a sizable share of the gold market, and a portion of each round of fiat money printing also made its way into the cryptocurrency. Once FOMO kicked into high gear,…

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