Bitcoin And Ethereum Rock Nasdaq Stocks Five Years Running

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With all of the industry’s eyes are focused on Coinbase’s Nasdaq listing, it’s time to have some fun and speculate. With the market as it is, it’s safe to assume that the initial pricing will be high, but, can that price resist a bear market? And, on another topic, will the Coinbase stock become a competitor for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general? This is literally the first crypto company to go public, so a lot of questions remain in the air. In The Last Five Years, Bitcoin and Ethereum Outperformed Every Nasdaq Stock But, we’re here to have fun. And this Jon Erlichman tweet opened the gate for that: Value of $1,000 invested 5 years ago: Ethereum: $273,716Bitcoin: $148,194Shopify: $41,662AMD: $28,639Etsy: $26,388Nvidia: $17,071Tesla: $14,975PayPal: $7,101Amazon: $5,530Netflix: $5,050Apple: $4,799Microsoft: $4,670Salesforce: $3,055Google: $3,016Facebook: $2,803 — Jon Erlichman (@JonErlichman) April 13, 2021 These numbers are not surprising, considering that Bitcoin was the best…

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