Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Market Analysis – 26.10.2020

In a week where equity markets have stagnated, bitcoin bucked the trend as it pushed through the $12,000 resistance level, as well as touching and seeing some resistance at $13,000. Altcoins were buoyed by bitcoin’s rise, with ETH, XRP, LTC, and chainlink all showing upward trajectories too. Simon Peters, Analyst, eToro Shares His Opinion On BTC, Crypto Markets Bitcoin Blasts Through $12,000 Barrier Bitcoin price action has dominated attention in the last week, rapidly reaching year to date highs. It approached and then subsequently smashed through the much-feted $12,000 mark with such strong momentum, there is every chance the crypto-asset could just push right on through to $14,000. If we were to see some pullback towards $12,000, I would urge investors not to be too worried. We may end up in a period of consolidation just above that level. I’ve highlighted many times in these pages that there is still…

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