Bitcoin And Crypto PSA: How To Protect Yourself From The Ledger Leak

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Among the first advice crypto investors are given when buying Bitcoin or altcoins, is to immediately get a hardware wallet and move any newly bought coins to cold storage for safe-keeping. But unfortunately for the crypto community and the potential safety of their digital assets, top hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has suffered a critical customer database leak, exposing the personal details and even addresses of a couple hundred thousand users. Here’s how to find out if your personal details are at included, and what steps – if any – you can take to protect yourself from the risk associated with this leak. Crypto Cold Storage Wallet Maker Ledger Customer Database Leaked By Hackers “Not your keys, not your Bitcoin.” It’s among the first phrases you’re taught by vets when you’re a newcomer to crypto. Other wise words include, “never invest more than you can afford to lose,” “buy the dip,”…

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