Bitcoin and Crypto Market Roundup, October 5, 2020

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Bitcoin remains buoyant and is now approaching $11k for the third time despite repeated waves of uncertainty crashing over the crypto market. Last Thursday, U.S. regulators filed charges against the founders of crypto exchange BitMEX, who stand accused of failing to prevent money laundering. Adding to the uncertainty, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin dropped another bombshell, claiming in a developer thread that the blockchain is currently “nearly unusable” for many types of apps, and those scaling solutions won’t be ready for several years. These events conspired against the market; sending Bitcoin on a brief detour to $10,300 before it bounced on Friday as Trump tested positive for Covid-19 following a fiery debate with presidential candidate Joe Biden. This Week’s Highlights eToro Launches Staking for Cardano and TRON BNB Gains From BitMEX’s Loss Zcash Surges on Shielded Transaction Adoption eToro Launches Staking Services eToro has launched a staking service for Cardano and…

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