Bitcoin and Crypto Market Roundup For Last Week

As corporations like Visa and PayPal join Wall Street banks in expanding their crypto offerings, Ethereum is setting new all-time highs above $2K. Prices began rising on Wednesday as the market was uplifted by crypto-themed April Fool’s pranks. The Teletubbies tweeted about Bitcoin to advertise their own imaginary cryptocurrency TubbyCoin, and long-term critic Peter Schiff briefly admitted that he was wrong about the crypto asset. While Bitcoin wasn’t fooled, Ethereum soared as the week progressed; sparking a mega rally among smart contract platforms. TRON doubled in value, EOS rose almost 50%, and BNB increased 25%. This Week’s Highlights Visa and PayPal tighten the crypto embrace Wall Street banks expand Bitcoin offerings Visa and PayPal tighten the crypto embrace Ethereum’s stellar performance could be credited to integrations with the biggest global payment processors. Visa said last Monday that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency at millions of its global merchants, and will…

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