Bitcoin and Crypto Market Analysis 09.11.2020

Bitcoin continues to be buoyed by positive price action, hitting a high of $15,800 on Friday. Altcoins started off the week on a downward trend but eventually managed a strong turnaround. And indices in the US saw some upward trajectories as markets digested the US election outcome after the uncertainty following polling day. Simon Peters, analyst, eToro: Bitcoin Blisters Amid Reiterations of Bullishness Last week, we waxed lyrical about the positive price action, and bitcoin’s determined thrust upwards has continued. Hitting a high of $15,869 on Friday, investors have clearly been positive on the crypto asset. As I’ve mentioned recently, we’ve seen a good deal of positive news flow surrounding crypto in general, and bitcoin in particular, and it’s finally starting to bear fruit. It could be that the consistent institutional investment, positive on-chain metrics, PayPal developments, and steady price rises have been snowballing into this current run to 52-week…

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