Binance Issues Warning After BitMEX Mass Email Leak

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Binance has told its customers to take precautions as BitMEX announces a mass leak of its users email addresses from an internal error. BitMEX Displays Private Data in Mass Email Recently, BitMEX users discovered that they could openly view the email addresses of other users after they received an official email related to an update. BitMEX sent the email to everyone and mistakenly listed all the email addresses in carbon copy (CC) rather than in blind carbon copy (BCC), which allowed all of the addresses to be seen. BitMEX just doxxed its users in the most outrageously incompetent way imaginable: forgetting to use blind copy on mass email. Someone must be cleaning out their desk already. — Jake Chervinsky (@jchervinsky) November 1, 2019 The incident raised privacy concerns, with some observers arguing that a simple apology will not be enough. Nevertheless, so far, BitMEX presented its apologies, admitting in…

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