Binance Coin Price Analysis: Bullish Reversal On The Cards

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Binance Coin has dropped to the bottom of a clear falling wedge pattern after crashing 20% against BTC pairing over the last 2 weeks. A short-term reversal could be on the cards if this particular formation plays out. Binance Coin Daily Analysis On the daily chart for BNB/BTC, we can see the wedge pattern forming in a descending fashion. Both the 50 MA and 15 SMMA have crossed down signalling bearish momentum. Maxx Momentum has also flagged what appears to be a sell signal. Volume is awfully low and has been for the last 2 weeks as price levels dropped from 29,500 to 22,500 Sats. It’s likely that we’ll see Binance Coin’s price action bounce around the current market price of 23,500 Sats and $26 on the USD pair for BNB. However, volume will have to return to similar heights that we have seen throughout the last few months in…

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