Big Bitcoin Bulls Don’t Want BTC to Dip Below $9000

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It’s Halloween today. It’s also the day when anonymous cypherpunk, Satoshi Nakamoto presented the idea of Bitcoin to the world, 11 years ago. The whitepaper released since then has become a model for censorship-resistant finance. Probably, that’s the reason why strong-headed BTC bulls don’t want the digital asset’s price to ‘dip’. Not at least today. Aggressive Bears Meet Big Bad Bulls As reported by Bitcoinist, a few hours ago, in the given market conditions bitcoin is hogging a little more than 30% of the daily crypto trading volume. Since President Xi’s blockchain-friendly comments 6 days ago, BTC bulls seemed to have come out with renewed confidence to push the market north. This is pretty much evident from the uber sporadic nearly 40% price jump in which bitcoin rallied from $7200 to $10,500. BTC/USD Daily TradingView Chart Noted crypto trader Josh Rager succinctly expressed this concrete bullish behavior in one of…

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