Beijing Increases Censorship, Surveillance Amid Blockchain Push

chinacensor1 640x384

The Beijing regime is all about control. It is a country where people have very little freedom of information or finance (apart from the very affluent). While the state strives to be a world leader in blockchain technology, it still does not trust cryptocurrency, still heavily censors the internet, and still spies on its citizens. Blockchain Good Bitcoin Bad China is officially bullish on blockchain now, so much so that any sentiment against the technology is coming up against the state’s heavy handed machine of censorship. The Communist Party of China Central Committee has been practically told by president Xi Jinping that blockchain innovation needs to take priority. Since last week’s comments, which initiated a huge crypto rally benefiting many Chinese crypto tokens, local media has dedicated a lot more coverage to the technology. According to Chinese crypto outlet cnLedger, articles against blockchain are now getting censored; Articles saying blockchain…

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