Bear Trap: TD 9 Sell Triggers As Bulls Push Bitcoin Higher

bitcoin bear trap td 9 980x455

Bitcoin price action has now spent a total of nine days in a short-term uptrend, capping off a bounce back to 2021 highs. The sequence of mostly green candles has now triggered and perfected a TD 9 sell setup on daily timeframes. However, the signal has repeatedly failed to yield results since the more dominant high timeframe uptrend began. Is this time different? Or is this yet another bear trap layered into a bull flag that could push Bitcoin to more than $75,000 per coin? Here’s what technical analysis suggests. TD 9 Sell Setup Perfected: Bear Trap Or Bulls Beware? Bitcoin is back near $40,000 and the highs it trade at to start the year, but bulls still have hurdles to pass before rocketing to new highs. Sellers have stepped in for the first time since Black Thursday causing a pitstop for consolidation. The leading cryptocurrency by market cap has…

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