Battling the data monopoly and fighting censorship with ArGo’s Permaweb

As the world spends more time than ever before online, many of us are becoming increasingly aware of just how little control we actually have over our data and the content we release on the internet. A heavily monopolized oligarchy of industry giants now control the majority of the world’s data and Amazon AWS, Google and Facebook process near innumerable amounts of user data each day; this presents worrisome issues when it comes to privacy and safety, with various incidents highlighting the dangers of centralized data storage on such a massive scale. As blockchain technology disrupts almost every corner of industry, the opportunity to create a fairer and truly free internet is now becoming a reality. With the introduction of the Permaweb, a decentralized, uncensored and permanent platform built on the popular storage protocol Arweave, ArGo looks to combat the data monopoly with the power of blockchain technology. Fighting back…

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