Atomic Swaps Are Coming to BTCPay This Year, Says Nicolas Dorier [Interview]

Bitcoinist caught up with Nicolas Dorier, a developer of open-source and self-hosted Bitcoin payment processor alternative, BTCPay, who spoke about upcoming features such as atomic swaps, and making BitPay obsolete for businesses that don’t care about handling bitcoin. ‘Nothing is Unsolvable in the Long Run’ Bitcoinist: In August 2017, you posted one of the most epic tweets aimed at BitPay calling out their lies and vowing to make the company obsolete. Can you reflect on this? How far have you come in realizing this promise with BTCPay? Nicolas Dorier: Their obsolescence comes from lots of factors. I made them obsolete for businesses, which do not care about handling Bitcoin or some small set of altcoins. Creating your own BTCPay server is easier than passing BitPay’s KYC. If you need fiat, lots of new payment processors entered the market, which made Bitpay way less relevant than in the past (coingate, globee,…

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