Astro Crypto: Bitcoin And The Full Pink Moon In Scorpio

bitcoin pink full moon in scorpio 640x311

After a short stint below $50,000, Bitcoin price is back on its way higher, already reclaiming as high as $53,000 and then some. Also tonight, there is a rare full “pink” moon in Scorpio – signaling powerful change in process currently and possibly ahead. Whether you believe in the impact of astrology or not, the moon is full and can be proven just by looking up in the sky. What’s left for you to decide is if the potentially mystical relationship between the placement of the planets has anything to do with crypto market price action. Let’s take a deeper look at the suddenly popular subject matter. Bitcoin Price, Moon Phases, And Bull Rallies Examined Bitcoin is back to flying high, on the same “moon” mission it started back on March of last year. Since then, the trajectory has been “only up” until very recently when the trending cryptocurrency had…

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