Asian Bitcoin Exchanges Dominate BTC Flow as Tether Slams Manipulation FUD

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Asia has always been at the forefront of the bitcoin and crypto trading. The US has been too busy tripping over its regulatory feet to keep up this year while the nations of the Far East forge ahead. Recent research has revealed that Asian exchanges are also dominating in terms of BTC flow. Binance and Huobi Leading Bitcoin Flow Research recently carried out by TokenAnalyst indicates that Binance and Huobi are clearly leading in terms of Bitcoin transactions and flows. Technically Binance is headquartered in Malta but the exchange was born in Asia and its CEO is Asian so for argument’s sake we’ll consider it an Asian exchange. Likewise with Huobi which is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, founded in China. According to the research, Huobi wallets sent the most Bitcoin to Binance wallets in 2019. Interestingly the reverse was the second-largest flow. “But also on the flip side, the second…

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