Are Miners Losing Interest In Bitcoin Cash?

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Miners seem to be ditching Bitcoin Cash in droves, as hash rates continue to underperform. This has led to serious concerns as to the security of the network. Bitcoin Cash Hash Rate 0.1% Of Bitcoin Whilst BTC hash rates have climbed to record highs (even as markets have been going down), BCH power has languished. Bitcoin hash rate has gone up at a factor of ten, whilst BCH hasn’t increased. The BCH network will soon have less than $1250 of security generated every ten minutes. This has led to slow and only partially full blocks. Recently there was a block which took three hours to mine, rather than the usual ten minutes. When finally produced it was only 2.4MB, or less than 10% of the maximum 32MB. However, it should be noted that slow blocks are not unheard of, even on the Bitcoin network. How Secure Is BCH? These issues…

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