Andrew Yang Wants To Turn NYC Into Hub For Bitcoin

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Bitcoin could soon take over Wall Street completely, more so than it already has in recent months. According to NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang, if elected, he would invest in turning the city as the country’s financial epicenter into a full fledged hub for BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Is this the start of major United States cities fully integrating a Bitcoin standard? Mayoral Candidate Aims To Turn New York City Into Bitcoin Hub Bitcoin adoption is spreading like wildfire ever since the pandemic struck. Aside from being an all-digital, contactless alternative to cash, its scarcity related benefits are what have become most attractive. Amidst unprecedented stimulus money “printing,” the hard-capped 21 million BTC supply is proving to be extremely valuable. The idea of a better form of hard money, has finally captured the interest of hedge funds and institutions. Institutional adoption has pushed the price per BTC to nearly $50,000,…

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