Analytics Firm: 200,000 Bitcoin is Currently Locked Within OKEx’s Wallets

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News regarding the OKEx founder being arrested by the Chinese government has created some fear amongst crypto investors He holds the keys to the cryptocurrency that is locked within the platform, making it impossible for the exchange to conduct any withdraws while he is in police custody Although the bull case is that this could reduce the supply of BTC circulating on the market, it would also strike a heavy blow to investors who used the platform It could also rock investor’s faith in centralized exchanges One analytics firm explained that their data suggests there is 200,000 Bitcoin locked within the platform – a staggering number Bitcoin’s price has been facing heightened selling pressure throughout the past few hours due to recent news surrounding the arrest of the OKEx founder. OKEx is one of the largest crypto trading platforms in Asia, alongside Huobi and Binance. Last night, news broke that…

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