Analysts Think Ethereum’s Bull Trend is “Just Getting Started” Despite Selloff

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Ethereum has plunged today despite the strength seen by Bitcoin ETH’s ongoing descent has sent shockwaves throughout the market, creating a tailwind that has adversely impacted most other altcoins This intense selling pressure isn’t showing any signs of letting up today, but it is important to note that there’s still a chance that an upside movement is brewing One analyst is pointing to ETH’s Renko chart with a Guppy indicator, noting that it appears to be entering full-fledged bull territory It is imperative that Ethereum rallies soon and gains ground against Bitcoin, or else it could enter a fresh downtrend Bitcoin saw a sharp influx of buying pressure overnight that helped send it up towards $12,000. Much to many investors’ surprise, this BTC upswing did not bode well for Ethereum and all other altcoins. The entire crypto market – excluding Bitcoin – is currently seeing an incredibly red day, which…

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