Analysts Expect Bitcoin to Rally to $19,000 Next Despite Spike in Funding

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For the first time in weeks, Bitcoin saw a massive selloff yesterday evening that caused its price to reel to lows of $17,400 These lows came just over an hour after the cryptocurrency hit highs of $18,600, with this marking a fresh post-2017 high Where the entire market trends in the near-term will depend largely on how Bitcoin continues trading in the time following this selloff Bulls were able to push BTC back above $18,000 after these lows were set, but it has since drifted below this level One trader is now noting that he believes a move towards $19,000 is likely for the cryptocurrency, despite rising funding rates Bitcoin and the entire crypto market saw some immense volatility yesterday that came about after the benchmark crypto saw a sudden surge up to highs of $18,600. The selling pressure that existed at this price level was so intense that it…

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