Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin’s V-Shaped Reversal Explains Why BTC Is Bullish


Few expected Bitcoin to bounce back after the crash in March. The cryptocurrency had basically halved within a single 24-hour time frame, leaving many convinced that the asset’s life span was over. But one trader predicted a reversal. He published a tweet amid the downturn noting that by the end of May or June, he expected Bitcoin to be trading at $10,000. At the time he posted the chart, the world was in chaos, with few knowing what would happen due to the pandemic. That same trader now says that Bitcoin’s fundamentals are stronger than ever. Bitcoin’s Fundamentals Are Better Than Ever The trader recently published a thread on Twitter outlining some of the many reasons why Bitcoin is more bullish than ever before. The following are some of those reasons: JP Morgan analysts are now bullish on Bitcoin, arguing that some investors are starting to see the coin as…

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