Analyst: It’s “Hard to See” Ethereum Going Fully Bullish Without Wall Street

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Despite a brutal bear market that shook out most investors, Ethereum is fundamentally stronger than ever. David Hoffman, the CCO of RealT and a podcaster in the industry, accentuated this in the tweet below. The tweet notes that a number of Ethereum’s usage metrics and use cases are at all-time highs, despite the meager price action. Almost everything is at ATH's on Ethereum ~Assets~Stablecoins – $8BValue in DeFi – $2.2BDAI – $186MBTC – $135MTokenized Real Estate – $2.1M ~Network~Avg Daily Network Fees – $0.7MWeekly DEX Volume – $500MDeFi Users – 250k ⟠⟠How long until ETH joins the party?⟠⟠ — DavidHoffman.eth (@TrustlessState) July 10, 2020 With these metrics in mind, many investors have begun to argue that a gargantuan ETH rally is incoming. But an analyst has said that it’s “hard” for him to reasonably expect Ethereum to see a big move. The reason: ETH has yet to see “real, institutional/macro…

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