Analyst Expects Ethereum to See Massive Gains as It Taps “Final” Demand Zone

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Ethereum’s price action has underperformed that of Bitcoin as of late, which is a common trend amongst all the major altcoins There’s no question that BTC’s ongoing rally is creating some tailwinds for altcoins, although it has not been enough to spark any parabolic ETH movement This has caused the cryptocurrency to flash some major signs of weakness against its Bitcoin trading pair, which is now sitting within a key long-term demand zone One analyst is referring to this as the “final” demand zone for the crypto, which may mean that it will begin building momentum from here Ethereum has seen relatively lackluster price action over the past few days despite Bitcoin’s massive momentum. Most analysts seem to believe that it will eventually gain enough momentum to match Bitcoin’s gains and exceed them. For this to occur, the crypto needs to surmount the selling pressure laced throughout the upper-$600 region.…

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