Analyst: Ethereum Could Rally Towards $432 if Bulls Flip One Key Level

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Ethereum has continued seeing lackluster price action while Bitcoin rallies past its critical short-term resistance The crypto is on the cusp of flipping its $390 resistance, however, which could give it freedom to rally significantly higher in the short-term One trader is now noting that a surge up towards $432 could be in the cards if ETH can break above its short-term resistance level This would be a significant rally that potentially puts a firm end to its phase of underperformance while BTC explodes higher Bitcoin has been sucking all the oxygen out of the markets throughout the past couple of weeks, being one of the only cryptocurrencies to post consistent gains while most altcoins – including Ethereum – stagnate. ETH’s lackluster price action as of late has been quite surprising, as it typically moves in lockstep with BTC. Its inability to rally has also stopped many smaller altcoins from…

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