Analyst: “Don’t Sweat” Bitcoin Buy In Price, $300K Is Coming

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Bitcoin is trading at just below $30,000 per coin at the start of 2021, and all signs point to the coming year being the cryptocurrency’s best year yet. FOMO has only just begun, and is so strong currently, any corrections have been minimal and bought up in days. Those who keep waiting for a “dip” to buy shouldn’t “sweat” a thousand dollars per coin here or there, as according to one of the industry’s top analysts, each full Bitcoin will be worth between $100K to $300K in 2021. Bitcoin Buy-In Price Irrelevant, Another Digit Will Be Added In 2021 Bitcoin is the most significant speculative asset of our time – with the potential to either revolutionize the entire financial system or come crashing down to zero. Throughout its history, however, the only zeros that Bitcoin sees are by the way of more digits being added to its price every few…

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