Analyst: Bitcoin Rally is Losing Steam as Key Factors Forecast a Drop

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Bitcoin has been caught within the throes of a wild uptrend throughout the past few weeks, with each dip being aggressively bought This has allowed it to see fairly steady gains, with sellers being unable to gain any real control over its price action Just today, the crypto set fresh all-time highs as its price rallied past $25,000, and it is showing few signs of slowing down anytime soon One trader explained in a recent tweet that he is closely watching for BTC to start forming a top as its rally heats up He notes that in the coming 5 weeks, he would not be surprised if the benchmark crypto corrected down towards $19,000 before resuming its growth trend Bitcoin has seen some massive growth as of late, independent from the rest of the crypto market. While BTC rallies higher, most altcoins have posted notable losses that have made it…

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