AMM LuaSwap Launches on Tomochain With Hyper-Efficient Gas Fee Mechanism

Ethereum promises big things. Big projects are being built on its platform and its market cap is exploding. Its currency, ETH, recently touched an all-time high and decentralized applications running on its network are impressive. But there’s a catch. The platform is suffering from congestion: with so many apps and people using the network, gas fees are high and transactions can be slow. One platform, Singapore-based TomoChain, is proposing solutions. The smart contract company uses an innovative consensus method called PoSV (Proof of Stake Voting) which gives an incentive to all TomoChain token-holders to play an active part in staking across a network of 150 high-quality Masternodes. It is working solely to help the Ethereum network function more efficiently. And it has just announced a coin swap platform running on its network that will help achieve this. LuaSwap LuaSwap is a coin-swapping platform. LuaSwap lets users swap tokens — be…

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