Altcoins Turn Bullish as Bitcoin (BTC) Struggles With Resistance

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Bitcoin (BTC) has spent another day consolidating with further failures to top resistance. Its lethargy and another dominance dip are good news for altcoins which are having a bit of a revival today. Ripple’s XRP, which has been on the floor for most of 2019, is going up strong as is Stellar Lumens, 0x and BAT. Bitcoin Price Battles at Resistance As bitcoin price continues to consolidate the altcoins are finally waking up following a year of slumber. Most have retreated from their summer highs but some are starting to rally again in a rare move independent of their leader. BTC has dropped another percentage point in dominance and is now below 68.5% according to That share is being gobbled up by high cap altcoins and XRP is one of them today. The token has continued its rally and is one of the day’s top-performing altcoins. Since the end…

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