AiFi: A Passive Income and Investment Game-Changer

Decentralized finance has opened up a world of attractive passive income and value investing potential, with the high yields on offer in stark contrast to the low, or indeed zero interest rate products available in the traditional fiat market, and value in equity increasingly hard to ascertain. However, in the fast-paced and competitive Defi landscape, some platforms can disappear as quickly as they arrive, as farmers extract the most attractive yields before jumping on to the next opportunity or vulnerabilities get exploited. That contributes to a high-risk environment and compounds traffic levels to the extent that high blockchain transaction fees can render many services unusable. Advancements in artificial intelligence finance, or AiFi, have led to the development of automated strategies. These can replace traditional fund managers, monitoring the market to identify assets with the best risk-adjusted potential to deliver passive income and value investment returns across a diversified portfolio. Rocket…

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